Ionic Theme Generator

Jumpstart your next Ionic app with your brand's theme colors and icons.

  1. Enter your brand details, click "Generate Theme"
  2. Run ionic start --v2 to create a new Ionic 2 app
  3. Extract the contents of your theme into the root of your new Ionic 2 app
  4. Enjoy your fresh look

Popular Colors

Try these popular colors for a fast fashion look. (hint: focus between the brand and secondary inputs above before choosing a color to set that theme color).

Material Design
Social Networks
My App

This is a preview of what your Ionic 2 theme might look like on device.

To see the full effect, run your app using ionic serve or ionic run.

For full theming control, read our theming guide our the full list of theme variables you can override. There are many ways to tweak the look of your Ionic app!

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